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Apex always proactively updates and grows our bank of employees with the ever growing skills requirements of the jobs market. We provide a personalised service and respond to your needs 24/7 – we know what it means for you to be without a key person.

Our continuing customer focus brings a clear line of communication whereby problems are resolved before they become and issue. Our proactive representatives have a direct line of communication with our management to resolve any issues with the employee or client management.

Our disputes resolution process is clearly defined and our top management personnel have a combined experience of over 100 years in IR and related functions. Together with this experience, external consultants and specialists available to us via the AI group and NECA form a solid base to handle the most complex of situations to ensure no disruption to our clients operations.


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  • Mobile: 0414 767 433
  • Email: admin@apexlabourhire.com.au
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